A 22 year old girl in the basement with Tenney?! Listeners meet Stephanie. The youngest person to be on the show and the second female to co-host the show. Did Tenney originally offer the position to Stephanie? Was she supposed to go on a date with Tenney? Sparks are consumed, but will sparks fly? Guest Ken discusses the virtues of living in the moment while testing if consumers would be interested in voting for a penis puppet for president. A piss-drinking mole? This show really lives up to the concept of The Oddist. Listen up becuase this is the last show of the first season, we’ll be back in March with all new crap!

3 thoughts on “Episode Twelve: The Man Dress and Edible Poo

  1. i bet if i lived there i would be co-host. i would be stunning. except it would be just my voice so you wouldn’t be able to tell. but my voice would whisper “stuuuuuuuuuniiiiiiing”…. like not really whispering it but it would sound that way.

  2. There once was a boy they called trout
    whose followers were so devout
    But taxes cost him his place
    as did lack of parking space
    the net is where he does now shout..

    or spout or pout… I couldn’t decide.

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