Still here and thinking

Well it’s been almost a year since the last episode of The Oddist and I am really missing it. A lot has happened in these last 12 months, I bought a house, was fired from my job, my mother had a heart attack, she is fine, and a dozen other crazy things all of which I want to discuss on a new episode. Although my house is still in need of a ton of work I have created a “studio” in my unfinished upstairs and am currently trying to figure out how to do a new episode by this Halloween. So send positive thoughts, money, and funny ideas my way and maybe I can make this happen. As always thank you for being fans and I hope you hear me soon. – John

Season 3?

How could I possibly be discussing Season 3 when Season 2 never even really ended? Well I can do anything I want and right now I’m telling you that the first episode of Season 3 of The Oddist will be recorded on May 22nd, 2010. Hold on to your horses and run it up the flagpole. Here it comes so hold your breath and make a wish.It probably won’t happen.

Second Season Fiasco

So Alex and I recorded the “last show” of the second season. Yes, that’s right no “Best of” show no big finale, just Alex and I talking bullshit as usual. In true Oddist fashion I never turned the mics on while we were recording, well they were on but the gain was turned all the way down so you can’t really hear anything. I don’t know what the fate of The Oddist is at this point. I am going through some massive “growing pains” with owning a house and working on my secret project, doing UFO lectures and other things. Hopefully The Oddist will raise it’s drunken head again sometime soon but until then I wanted to thank you all for listening and responding to the show. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. I may update the site with new stories and upcoming info but again…no promises. Alex, Sara Jean thank you so much for everything and making The Oddist so wonderful you’ll never know how much being with you meant to me.

I’m John Tenney and somehow or another I’ve just stumbled out of The Oddist.

New shows on the way

There are currently 2 shows that have been recorded, one with Alex (Episode 13) as well as the show where Sara Jean and Alex meet (Episode 12). Sara Jean and I (John) are going to be recording her next show (Episode 11) this week. Even though all these shows have been recorded out of order they will be posted in order and I can only warn you that Episode 12 is a fantastic show thanks to Alex and Sara Jean, I am wasted mostly incoherent and worthless during the entire show. Episode 12 is also the least edited show in The Oddist’s history you will love Sara Jean and Alex and hate me.

The Oddist: An Award Winning Podcast

Best PodcastReal Detroit Weekly has voted The Oddist, Best Local Podcast for 2009. Now we don’t think they had categories for Best General Podcast, Best National Podcast or any other podcasts. No matter, we will take this award and thank everyone involved with it and from now on we will not let anyone forget that we are an award winning podcast. Take that to the bank with your grandma and smoke it up the flagpole.