Episode Two: Spare Tires and Leftovers

Daniel\'s BB Gun TargetDurgan shows up with his wife. John interviews Daniel Rainer or is it the other way around? Most of the show ends up on the cutting room floor. Will there be a fight between John and Durgan? Did Durgan’s wife know about the podcast before the Hanson show? The most disjointed and confusing episode ever, and this is only number two! Listen if you want to see how bad it can be when someone doesn’t know how to use mixing equipment.

Episode One : Truth Dart

Mark Diesel, sharpshooter?So even though Durgan didn’t show up on Saturday he did show up Sunday and I don’t know how but the first episode is done and available. Mark Diesel is the guest interview and the music that you’ll hear is from Korean pop sensations Panic and Lee Juk. Aside from listening to the show (which for some reason starts “glitching out” like crazy during Diesel’s BB Gun attempt), you can start to get to know the host as he starts to get to know what he is doing.