Vag-Night Update

So John went to Vag-Night at the Diesel home…what happened? Well, we end up learning more about John than anyone else and if you understand the word “cacophony” then you’ll understand why we won’t blame you if you don’t listen to the whole thing. Sex talk, taco salad, booze and six people talking at one time, some equipment has even ended up missing. You can download the episode by clicking here Vag Night Special but as stated before we don’t blame you if you don’t download it. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Diesel for hosting Vag Night and all the ladies that attended.

The newest regular episode of The Oddist will be posted on tuesday night. Thanks for playing.

Episode Five: Hamds, Pee Bugs and Felix the Cat

People didn’t think we’d make it to episode five, well here it is! Even though Tenney and Durgan are almost falling asleep they pack the show with news and chit-chat. The interview with enigmatic Robert blends Bob Woodruff, The Oakland County Childkiller and Felix the cat…”impossible” you say? Listen to the wonder!

Episode Four: Twinkie Fingers and The Cosby Bible

How much can go wrong with a podcast? When will they get it right? The news is almost non-existent but Tenney and Durgan pull together to create another much to be debated episode. Try and figure out how it takes Mesery 33 minutes to tell what is essentially 2 stories. Are the other podcasters right is this the last show? Nope… but should it be? Tenney never gives up on anything that easy.

News Stories from 05/03/08

Here are the news links from Episode 3 of The Oddist. Also don’t forget to check out the placemat John found at Club Bart. You can see it by visiting The Oddist’s Flickr page located HERE

Balloon Priest
Finger Grower
Toe Cops
Ledger’s Ghost
Australian UFOs
Dolphin Collision
Pinned under Hubby
Masked Man
Maybe Baby
360 Billion
Vodka Beaver

Episode Three : Vodka Beaver Vs. Derek

Derek's ShotAlthough John has been drinking vodka for hours everything comes off without a hitch. Durgan shows up on time but at the last minute our guest cancels….have no fear, Derek shows up to save the day. Email from listeners, news from around the globe, and Durgan creates The Oddist’s first contest! Thrill at the interview with Derek who really is willing to talk about anything. A right proper show!