Episode Eleven: Van Allen’s Belt and The Abscessed Tooth

Wow! There is a bunch of stuff going on in this episode, no wonder it’s so late! With Durgan gone Tenney begins the process of trying out a new co-host. Sara Jean, (Guest from Episode Eight) sits in on the news so listen and then send in your comments! Due to Tenney’s mom, and her desire to have an apple-shaped son a contest is created! Joe is our guest and he speaks of addiction, fatherhood, teeth and more! Have fun, but you’ll never look at a shot glass the same way again.

This is going to cost me

small_couponI’ve done the math and this could be ridiculous. If every listener found me and used this coupon I could potentially spend over $4000. Thank god some of you live in different states and countries. Still I made a promise and here is the “make good”. Download and print this coupon, then carry it around or seek me out and redeem it. Don’t be an idiot and try to go to The Delmar without me and use it, they’ll just tell you that you’re a nutcase. Right click or whatever to download the coupon in PDF form HERE


Last Saturday’s episode will be posted tonight. My apology to all the listeners. My only excuse is dumbness. Once again, it will be posted tonight if not I’ll buy you all hot meatloaf sandwiches from The Delmar Family Restaurant.

Done with pretending

I need a cohost!

So Durgan is finally gone and I need a co-host. Here are the requirements
1. You must be 21 or over.
2. You must be available for 45 minutes on Saturday evening
3. You must be able to remember that you have something to do for 45 minutes on Saturday evenings.

That is it. Now I know Durgan couldn’t fill all the crazy logistical requirements, but I’m sure someone out there can. So email TheOddist@theoddist.com with your name and 5 facts about yourself. I’ll respond to everyone and the best four will get to host a show. What are you waiting for…DO IT!

Episode Ten: Virtual Durgan vs Buckaroo vs Juniper

What happens when John is forced to due the show by himself? Was the Durgle Dog contest Durgan’s last show? Never in the history of The Oddist has there been a nerdier interview, Roger and John discuss cats, video games, Star Trek and everything from Jesus Christ Superstar to “Sex-Pizza” Welcome to a new world.