Episode 3 Season 2: Goodonya Pervertman and Superbitch

Alex wakes John up to do the show, read the news and say “Goodonya” John promises to edit out Alex’s mistakes and then leaves them in for comedy value. It’s a good thing that¬† interviewee John Davies, publisher of Superbitch Magazine, likes to talk because John is kind of wasted. Listen to Mr. Davies discuss boobs, boobs and guitars…and boobs while Tenney randomly says, “Right.” Don’t forget to listen to “Waiting for Soup” after the music, so you can hear Alex be horrified by Tenney’s night-terrors. A show filled with vulgar language and darkness. ENJOY!

Episode 2 Season 2: The I Hate Bob Dylan Fanclub

No one ever wanted to hear this much whining about being single, but here you go! Another short show to introduce the listeners to our next co-host Sara Jean. It’s a surprise how happy a show can sound even though John is crying through the whole thing. Sara Jean creates a contest, of sorts, to try and get John a date…in the hopes that he will shut up. Find out what happened to, that hero of the everyday working man, Bob Dylan. HINT: He became a rich grumpy old man. A fun show if you can get past the tears of a clown.

Episode 1 Season 2: Kevin the Robot and Soup

I made a choice to not do an interview on this season premiere episode so that the audience could focus on the first of the new co-hosts Alex! News is read, Drinks are drinked and a new mini-segment that Alex calls “Waiting for soup” and I call “the sandwich.”¬† A short little season opener to get everyone warmed up. It gets a little nerdy but that is mostly because John and Alex are nerds. Thanks for listening and welcome back!

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I’ve done some actual rational thinking and screw the birthday show. I think at some point I will whittle it down to about an hour running time and/or maybe I will do a show about that show and play clips but as things stand I would much rather just get on with the new season rather than dwell on the past. If I do upload the show it will only be available though the website. The first new show will be posted (as planned on the 15th) and I hope everyone will tune in. New co-host, and lots of drinking. Thanks.