Sara Jean returns just in time for her birthday! A perfectly timed and executed show filled with presents, candy, sexy mannequins, and toilet snakes. Find out why John never wants to turn 51 years old and if Sara Jean would ever pull a gun on her sisters. Here are some tips: Don’t pee in Old Faithful and if you don’t want to be on The Oddist then don’t leave a drunk message on our answering machine because we will play it. A concerned letter from a listener creates questions about the show but everything works out because the “happy birthday” song in korean is cute.

2 thoughts on “Episode 9 Season 2: Happy Birthday Nerds

  1. Dude…my birthday was on Wednesday…the 13th. I’m a pretty funny rambler when I’m drunk huh?

  2. Well thanks for the pseudo mention on the show – i’m not “crabby” at all, just more curious who all was in the running for the best Detroit Podcast? Were there nominees? Just curious… No hard feelings at all – when we meet up sometime, i’ll buy the first shot (of alcohol, of course!)

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