There are a many different “inside” jokes, terms and names used throughout the show so here is a little list for your reference. If you have any questions or would like to see something added here just email us and we’ll get it up here.


Alex: Co-host, with Sara Jean, of the second season.  He is a nurse, father, husband and after hearing the first show, maybe, slightly rascist…and a little gay.

Amett Bathra: Winner of the ipod Nano contest as revealed in Episode 12 of Season 2


Brian: Brother of Fefe and potential cop. Guest of the show Episode 7 Season 2

Burnt Pizza Girl: John took a girl, after the bar, grocery shopping and bought frozen pizza. Then went back to his place and he burned it. They went out a couple more times but John, as usual, screwed it up.


Charlie: John’s cat who loves Doritos, water and hanging out near heat-vents. Charlie is afraid of loud noises. His Birthday is April 7th.

Corey Hall: Comedian, former podcaster and movie reviewer. Guest of the show on Episode 11 of Season 2


Daniel (Rainier): Guest of the show, appeared on the 2nd Episode of the 1st Season: Spare Tires and Leftovers

Davies, John: Owner of Superbitch magazine and lover of boobs. Guest on Episode 3 Season 2.

Derek: Guest of the show, appeared on the 3rd Episode of the 1st Season: Vodka Beaver vs. Derek

A co-worker of John. The first guest to appear on The Oddist, Episode one Season One. He and his wife are the hosts of “Vag Night”

Durgan: The former co-host of The Oddist (First Season only). Showing up for an hour one day a week to drink free beer and smoke free cigarettes while recording the show became to demanding for him and he was fired.

Durgle Dog: Durgan’s favorite hot dog, the recipe is given in Episode #3 of Season #1


Even Stevens: When something works out where you don’t come out ahead or behind, sometimes call “Shia LaBeouf”

EW: Also known as Dangerboy, he is a co-worker of John.


Fefe: Announced that he was “in a relationship” on the show. Brother of Brian and guest on Episode 7 Season 2


George B: A co-worker of John who thinks he should be able to criticize anything. He hates birthdays, picnics, midnight farts, fireworks, sulpher, BBQ’s, tanned melons, choclate and peanut butter (eeeeewwww) but loves Duke’s cole slaw which he said was “fucking fantastic”.

Gusoline Alley: The bar in Royal Oak, Michigan where John hangs out.


Hairdresser Girl: John met a cute girl outside of Gusoline alley and they started going on dates. Something happened where, and they don’t talk anymore. The actual story is unresolved and remains a mystery. John most likely got flakey and screwed it up.

Hatch: Guest of the show, first person to sit in during the news segment, interviewed in Episode #6 of the 1st Season.

Hundred bucks: A bet that has been made between John, his co-worker Ranger. The bet is that if she holds hands with another co-worker, (EW) all day she will win $100.



Jim Bean: A truth serum that got John and Alex to talk about kissing boys and boy crushes.

John E.L. Tenney: Host and creator of The Oddist. Known far and wide for messing up relationships with girls, Researching UFOs, and drinking to “mask the pain”. John currently lives with a cat named “Charlie”.


Knee Bike: Knee Bike or Knee Scooters are a personal mobility device that’s used as an alternative to crutches, traditional walkers and wheelchairs. A co-worker of John used one for months.

Knee Hug: Fellatio, Headjob, Blowjob, Mouth sex.


LaBeouf, Shia: An actor formerly of the show “Even Stevens”


Man-dress: A style of clothing John thought up, it is basically an oversized shirt with different colored shorts sewn onto them.

Megabite: A co-worker of John. She is the creative cooking force behind Her boyfriend is Jake and her dog is Ellioto.

Mesrey: Guest of the show, appeared on the 4th Episode of the 1st Season: Twinkie Fingers and The Cosby Bible




Palooza: A co-worker of John. Sings karaoke and tried to get his friend Stephanie a job co-hosting the show.

Parmesan cheese that was bought by “Worst Date Ever” for a date with John.

Pinball Girl: A girl who was grinding against John while he played pinball. She later spent the night at John’s house.


Ranger or RP:
A co-worker of John is involved with EW in “Hundred Bucks”.

Robert: Guest of the show, appeared on the 5th Episode: Hamds, Pee Bugs and Felix the Cat. Known on the streets as “Tweedy”.

Rox: A co-worker of John also known as “Minxy” Her boyfriend is Micky and her dogs are Liam and Boris.


Sara Jean: Guest of the show, appearing on the 8th Episode: Meijer Samples and the Dog Beast. Sara Jean was also the winner of the Durgle Dog Contest. Her winning dog was called “Slovak-it-to-ya” She is also the Co-host with Alex for the second season.

Sports Girl: Girl John went on some dates with and was interested in but the whole thing fell apart during a trip to the Detroit Zoo.


Tessel, Kenny: Owner of a restaurant in Ohio that has a naked manniquin. KT’s name has become a running joke on the show.

Trader Joes: A health food store

Truth Dart: A way of telling the truth by making it sound like a lie.


Vag Night:
A night when Oddist guest Diesel hangs out with his wife and her friends to drink wine and watch shows like Project Runway and America’s Top Chef.

Vodka Beaver: A Nickname for John.

Worst Date Ever:
Girl who brought “Parm-Chee” to her first date with John. She also overwhelmed John with her drug stories. John waited 10 years to kiss this girl and the kiss was not good.




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