The Oddist Contest #2, Win an iPod Nano!

The Oddist iPod Contest
Now this is a fucking contest! John never uses his 4 gig iPod Nano, and most of the pawn-shops in Detroit have gone out of business, so he’s willing to give it to a listener who can correctly answer the following five questions. The Nano will be preloaded with every episode of The Oddist and autographed by John, Alex and Sara Jean. If the winner so desires they can also be interviewed on the show! All questions can be answered by listening to the show or reading The Oddist website.

1. In Episode 5 Season 2: Shea LaBeouf’s Earballs, John reveals a strong hatred against people employed in what profession?

2. In Episode 4 Season 2 : A guy a girl and mom? What 3 creature’s “roars” were combined to create Sara Jean’s News sound?

3. According to The Oddist website about how old is John mentally?

4. What was the title of Episode 5 of the Season 1?

5. What type of snack food does John’s cat, Charlie, enjoy eating?

Send your answers to and the first 6 people who submit correct answers will be entered in a drawing to win John’s nano. The winner will be determined by a single roll of the dice on the May 17th episode of The Oddist. The dice roll will be videotaped and posted on The Oddist’s sister site so that everyone will know it’s legit.As an extra bonus every episode of The Oddist, including the “Vag Night Special” will be pre-loaded on the nano for your listening pleasure.

What are you waiting for it’s a FREE fucking iPod. GO!

John, Alex, Sara Jean and their families may not enter this contest cause that would be a little to sketchy.