Episode 18 Season 2: Tricks vs. Treats

Well the announcement has been made this is one of the 3 final episodes of this season’s podcast. Alex and John drink apple pucker and chat about eating silverware and having sex with dogs all while John does funny voices. Hear all of Alex’s big news and be fascinated by this total and complete show that even includes a guest interview! That is correct this episode has an interview! John talks with comedians Joel Fragomeni, from, and Harry “The Bat outta Hell” Artin. Joel thinks he has figured out why David Carradine died and how Balloon Boy disproves all UFO sightings. Harry just wants to pull the teeth out of a squirrel. After the interview is, of course, Waiting for Soup wherein Alex and John discuss some of the best movies you can watch during this Halloween season. It’s a long show clocking in at just over 2 hours but at least we’re giving you something to listen to as The Oddist starts to vanish into the ether. Happy Halloween.

New shows on the way

There are currently 2 shows that have been recorded, one with Alex (Episode 13) as well as the show where Sara Jean and Alex meet (Episode 12). Sara Jean and I (John) are going to be recording her next show (Episode 11) this week. Even though all these shows have been recorded out of order they will be posted in order and I can only warn you that Episode 12 is a fantastic show thanks to Alex and Sara Jean, I am wasted mostly incoherent and worthless during the entire show. Episode 12 is also the least edited show in The Oddist’s history you will love Sara Jean and Alex and hate me.